Name: Alexis Katie Robinson

Age: 12

Date of Birth: 22th August 2000

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Favorite Color: Light Green, Purple, Violet, White, Pink

Favorite Food: Pot Roast, McDonald's, Burger King

Favorite Movie: Diary of A Wimpy Kid, iParty with Victorious

Favorite TV Shows: iCarly, Victorious, Tom and Jerry

Favorite Animal: Giraffes, Tigers, Cats & Dogs, Koalas, Mice, Kangaroos, Lions, Toucans, Frogs, Female Geese, Calm Caimans

Favorite School Subject: Music, Math, Art, Physical Education

Least Favorite School Subject: Reading (a little bit)

Likes: Music, Giraffes, Fashion, Sleepovers, iCarly & Victorious

Dislikes: Creepypasta, Justin causing Trouble, Pokemon (sometimes), Paintball, Laser Tag, Cartoon Network

Voice: Catherine

Family: Mr. Robinson (Jonathan)/Dad

Mrs. Robinson (Elizabeth Jennifer Silver)/Mom

Justin/Older brother (13-year-old who dislikes algebra)

Max/Younger brother (5 year-old)

Maggie Silver/Maternal aunt who is always blaming everything on her nephew

Alice Robinson/Paternal aunt

Pete Robinson/Paternal uncle

Arnold Robinson/Paternal grandfather

Leo Robinson/Mean Cousin

Alexis is Justin's younger sister and Max's older sister who is seen with light brown hair, yellow earrings, and wearing a pink dress and pink boots. She is the smartest student in 7th grade. Her favorite school subject is music. She is a tomboy and is the middle of three children and has an older brother Justin and younger brother Max. Plus, she is friends with ethan. She likes calm animals.

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